Clear and effective communication has always been important. In our 21st century global economy, this is essential for individual and organizational success.

Dennis Tardan Communication Consulting offers a variety of communication training and coaching.  We specialize in corporate communication skills and work with individuals and teams to improve communication and messaging within and outside the company.

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We help you identify and remove the obstacles between you and your communication development goals.

Dennis’ clients include CEO's and top managers, administrators, entrepreneurs, professional speakers, executive coaches and their clients. In fact, I can support anyone who wants to upgrade his or her communications and people skills, gain self-confidence, and significantly increase effectiveness.

Dennis’ clients include Shell, Spectra Energy, Liz Claiborne, HireSynergy, Conoco Phillips, Memorial Hermann Hospitals, Wells Fargo, Siemens, Rice University, and numerous smaller organizations and entrepreneurs.

Dennis Tardan Communication Consulting is HUB certified in the State of Texas.

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"Being interviewed by Dennis and then turning around and watching the interview with him was an amazing revelation. He is a great coach, an excellent director, and his style is direct and affirming. Working with him has changed my view of myself and has opened doors for me that I never imagined I would walk through."

--Frank Butterfield, Life & Work Coach, Austin, TX

“As part of my ongoing development, Dennis was recommended to me by my Line Manager in Shell. I understood that we would be working in the field of effective communications, and that we did... but much more. I have found - and am finding - an unfolding transformative experience. We discussed bridging the perceptive gap between self and others, and leveraging strengths and characteristics. I am becoming more effective, and more conscious in my daily interactions, more aware. more centered, more present. The gap, I am finding, is exactly where I need to be and our continued dialogue and interaction is opening new avenues in creativity and discovery. Thanks Dennis.”

--Derek Smith, Global Process Improvement, Shell Oil

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Here Come Da Judge

I was returning to Austin recently on a Greyhound Express Bus when I had a profound moment of awareness.

          As we passed by one of a series of rural Texas towns, I suddenly began to listen to my thoughts.  I merely stepped back from my ongoing mental chatter.  My first awareness was how very many of my thoughts were judgments -- both positive and negative. 

My stream of thoughts was one opinion after another on anything and everything I was seeing through the bus window -- I like that house…Nice car...Oh, I’d hate to live there…How tacky…that person’s attractive…that person, not so much…  And on, and on, and on.  It was a torrent of value-judgments.

          I decided to try an experiment.  Instead of ascribing a relative value to what I was seeing in the world through the bus window, I spent the next 20 minutes or so just “noticing” what I was observing.  Things were neither good nor bad.  They just were. 

          After only a few minutes of this exercise, I began to feel a deep sense of relief.  In addition, I felt a surge of energy and mental clarity.  I was stunned by the difference.  

          So here’s my question… How much of our cognitive focus, actual mental energy do we expend each and every day making judgments, taking positions, positive and negative, on what flows past in our conscious awareness?  And, while it is certainly fun and addicting, what might it cost us – mentally, physically and spiritually?

          Comments and/or your experiences, please?

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My 3rd Blog Post

On July 3, my wife, Melissa, and I moved into an apartment in Austin, TX. We moved from Victoria, TX, a small city about 120 miles south of Austin. Melissa had lived in Victoria 24 years, and I for 30 years.

The changes that we’ve experienced are light years farther than mere miles. I am using this opportunity to look deep within myself to decide just who I am going to be here.

The United States of America is known as a place where people reinvent themselves. When I was a kid, people would say, “Who do you think you are?” It was usually in a judging tone attempting to control. But, as I reflect on the question today, it has real value for me to consider.

In my Austin incarnation, just who do I think I am? Even further, who am I willing to be? I’ve had spurts of success over my career but never the abundant flow that would fulfill my ambitions – professionally and financially.

It is emotionally bracing to be in a place where any dream I could envision is possible and the infrastructure is in place to support it. Austin feels like the place for me. Now, I get to do the day-to-day creative efforts – writing, tweeting, coaching, connecting, resting, networking, learning, making mistakes, making amends, acting and reacting compassionately toward myself and to others.

This is my stage and the show has begun. I am an Austinian. No, that’s not right. I could be an Austoner, but I feel my ambitions might suffer. I’m an Austinite. Yep, that’s better. Please stay tuned. It’s gonna be an interesting story arc.

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